Clay master, first molding attempt was so badly poured that I had to try to salvage it by “painting” the silicone with finely grained pigments. Not bad imo but kinda looks like bacon.

Third object is the second pull straight from the mold without any touchup. Getting better!

Here’s what the second one (first pull from the mold) looked like before painting:


And the latest again, from another angle:

I was surprised to learn that patch 2.5.0 went live yesterday since Season 10 doesn’t start until March 31. But hey, that’s okay.

2.5.0 is mainly a “quality of life” patch, adding the Armory and other fairly interesting features. Other changes are not especially substantive, but some sets and legendary items have been improved. A new thing is Primal Ancient items, though I personally think they’re yawn-worthy.