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Guess Nananea is back in the fold for OMDU.

I have to say I’m up to level 21 now and enjoying it.

Press Release:

With another new year comes another update to our streaming schedule for all things OMD! Now you’ll get access to the Robot Entertainment studio every single Thursday for fun, frivolity, and an inside look at developing OMDU. Additionally, we’ve retired Nananea’s “Meet Your Match” show and replaced it with “The Killbox”, her all new gameplay show all about wreaking the most havoc on those pesky greenskins

I breezed through The Darkening of Tristam thanks to my Hellfire jewelry. Went from level 1 to 36 in one pass on Master difficulty. (Should have done Torment I guess) Got a Butcher pet.

I was a little disappointed in that most of the old traditional Diablo levels were actually just D3 levels with Diablo textures. Seems as if they rushed to finish it as the first 2-3 levels were pretty detailed but the farther you went along the less the details became and the more re-textured D3 content I saw. It was still fun though and I doubt I would have played D3 again if there wasn’t something different to do so they got me…

I did get a cool helm gem for finishing all 16 levels that is going to kill everything.

This is turning into one of the best FPS games I have played in awhile. Its a little bit hard, the story is interesting(even for me who pays zero mind to story usually), you have to pay attention or you are dead, its creepy, something different around every corner.

Much of your time is spent navigating through the Moscow tunnel system which is very dark and atmospheric but hard to get a decent screenshot. The surface is a wasteland due to nuclear war but is also creepy as hell because of monsters. This was one of my first trips outside near the library.

Monsters are fast and when you see new ones you are like, WTF was that? This guy in particular you can kill but it takes a massive amount of ammo(which is sometimes scarce) to do it. There is a chance(I said, a chance) though that if you keep still and stare them right in the eyes like a grizzly bear, it will calm them and they will move on and leave you alone.

The game is just very well polished. Enemies won’t see you if you use cover or darkness.  If you try flanking, they flank you right back. There are Nazis, yes…..NAZIS! I was captured and though I was dead for sure and out of nowhere these two Comrades saved me in the nick of time: