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Clay master, first molding attempt was so badly poured that I had to try to salvage it by “painting” the silicone with finely grained pigments. Not bad imo but kinda looks like bacon.

Third object is the second pull straight from the mold without any touchup. Getting better!

Here’s what the second one (first pull from the mold) looked like before painting:


And the latest again, from another angle:

I’m still having a good time and am making reasonable progress for a casual player who doesn’t group. And therein lies the problem with Seasons — you really have to group in order to get high paragon numbers, and high paragon numbers are what you need to survive the hardest parts of Seasons. I don’t want to group with strangers, so I may not finish.

Then again, I may get far enough to obtain an extra stash tab, which is all I want.

My demon hunter is coming along really well, thanks to Blizzard’s much improved drops, some good fortune related to goblins, etc.

She presently has a decent Unhallowed Essence set:

As you can see, it’s a simple setup that centers around Multishot and Vengeance. I have enough cooldown to keep Vengeance up nearly all the time. I think I have a fairly good synergy and a relatively good balance between damage and survivability. You’ll notice, however, that I need better jewelry. The Traveler’s Pledge amulet is incredibly good, and I have two more really good ones sitting in the stash. The rings, sadly, are not so great. What I need is a good Focus/Restraint set for this build. I have a workable Focus but no decent Restraint.

Well, I’m in Torment 10 now, so maybe things will get better. I can do a level 46 Greater Rift comfortably. To improve my legendary gems, I’ll have to get a little uncomfortable, but them’s the breaks.

Diablo 3 remains a fast game, and this character is ultra-fast. Sometimes she’s so fast that I almost lose control of her. Her low resistances are offset somewhat by the demon hunter’s native “cheaty teleport” skill Vault. It’s clear to me that Blizzard favored this class from the get-go. They gave her the advantages of Diablo 2’s sorceress and essentially crippled the D3 wizard.

Oh well — now I need to do a set dungeon in order to finish the “Slayer” chapter of Season 10. After that, the big hurdles will be Conquests — those stupid hoops you have to jump through to get a stash tab. Oh, and let’s not forget completing a level 70 Greater Rift (which is why I need more paragon points).