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  1. These ended up out of order, but I’m too lazy to fix ’em. Hardly matters, I think, you get the idea.

    Skin’s not attached yet, was just a fitting.

  2. Neato.

    The shot of you modeling the mask reminds me of today’s horror movies, which consist of four young people trapped in some inhospitable place with a guy in a mask. Imagine their surprise when they find out it’s Chewie.

  3. Of late, I’ve been seeing a “nature” theme in these things. Usually, it’s a boyfriend and girlfriend on a camping trip being stalked by Bigfoot. They’re trapped in a tent. Sometimes multiple friends are trapped in a cabin. Bigfoot has to be more inventive. One movie (Back Country, I think) got rid of Bigfoot and replaced him with a black bear. The boyfriend and girlfriend are still in a tent. Another movie (Unnatural) has several young people trapped in a cabin at the mercy of a mutant polar bear created by mad corporate science.

    The horror movie has made great strides. I think they could have a breakthrough if they put a Chewie mask on a bear.

  4. While I’m nattering about horror movies, I should add my praise for all the great “found footage” titles. The Blair Witch Project really propelled movie-making to the next plane of creativity. What could be scarier than young people in the woods being chased by a witch and capturing the whole thing on film? Imagine the presence of mind and dedication to one’s craft. There you are, at the very end — the only survivor — and the number one thing on your mind at the moment of your death is to point the camera at your face while you’re being eaten. It’s really humbling.

    I’m so glad we’re still seeing found footage movies. They add a whole new dimension to horror.


    hillbilly cannibal in mask
    escaped lunatic with a hook
    hillbilly cannibal with a hook
    escaped hillbilly cannibal with a hook and a mask
    mutant bears
    mutant bears with hooks
    mutant hillbilly bears with hooks, masks, and their own smartphones and video cameras

    I will say, in all seriousness, that the only good found-footage movie I’ve ever seen is a thing titled As Above, So Below.


    It’s well-written, competently acted, and almost believable.

  5. Ah. Last night, I saw a new one, but it wasn’t found-footage. That’s okay because it was extremely inventive. The movie was Don’t Breathe (catchy, no?).


    Three young people attempt to burgle the residence of a creepy old war veteran who happens to be blind. I’m still unable to explain how he managed to overpower and shoot one of them, and then go around boarding up windows and padlocking other escape routes. I think it was because the remaining two young burglars were very polite. They properly and kindly stayed cowered in closets while he stumbled around doing all this. If they had simply walked out one of the many unlocked exits or thrown furniture at him or something, that would have been unfair.

    I saw this on Starz, I think, but I would have gladly paid $20 at the theater. The absence of found-footage never detracted from the sheer terror and relentless logic.

  6. Horror movies need rubber monsters to come back, generally.

    The sci fi thriller using surplus biology lab skeletons needs a comeback.

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