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While going down the final checklist of projects on my settlement revision tour, I decided to improve the Castle. Otherwise known as Fort Independence, this location is popular among FO4 builders because of its apparent defense advantages. I personally don’t care for it very much because a great deal of time must be devoted to repairing the broken walls and because it tends to glitch the resource counts at nearby Spectacle Island (and vice-versa). But I am a completionist, so I set about fixing it.

I’ve already redone the place, but that was on a different save. I’ve incorporated some of the ideas from that build, but I think this one turned out a bit better.

Some people like to elevate the garden area, but I’ve kept it at ground level because enemies rarely get inside the walls.

Gardeners gardening

Bars and restaurants elevate happiness, so I added a bartender. Notice how happy she is.

Happy bartender happily bartending

Other builders like to fru-fru up the Castle for some reason, but I see it as a primitive military installation. It’s something like the Alamo for the Minutemen, so they don’t pay much attention to elegance. Thus, their target-practice area is very ad-hoc. On the other hand, they’re not averse to upgrades, which is why they’ve acquired a vertibird from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Target range and vertibird on a repaired wall with a gated entrance

The wall and gate were repaired on both sides, of course.

Other side of wall/gate

The front entrance is intended to be rather unwelcoming. It’s heavily defended, since enemies usually approach from this side.

One side of the front entrance

This is the other side of the entrance, with cannon defenses.

The other side — the cannons are behind the sandbags.

It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a defensible place.