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  1. 😀

    Good guess about the ramps. Actually, they’re modular utility vault pieces from the Vault-Tec DLC. The big white cross-brace base things are also from the same DLC. Other things, like the market canopies and clinic/robot repair structure, the grid flooring and plywood, etc., are from mods. Graygarden has a default population of about six Mr. Handy robots, including Supervisors Green, White, and Brown. I made about five more using the Automatron DLC, e.g., the Mr. Handy physician and the guards. FYI: the hardest robot to make is a Mr. Handy — very strange and unintuitive.

    I had to move the humans to another settlement because they had trouble pathing to their beds at night. This is a mystery because they could walk around and man shops on the overpass without much difficulty. I assume something went wrong with the navmeshing in the human quarters. Anyhow, they’re deliriously happy at their new place, and the Graygarden robots are as happy as robots can be, which is exactly half as happy as humans ever get.

    Fallout 4 has an odd happiness calculator. Humans can reach 100 happiness (my recent improvements in various settlements are producing an average of 90). Robots are never supposed to exceed 50 happiness, but I have seen Graygarden’s score reach 51 for some reason.

    This puts me in the running for best landlady ever, for I am a river to my people.

  2. The conceit I had in mind was that the robots were efficient enough to salvage and transport vault structures, access Vault-Tec engineering files, etc. The humans preferred to cobble together scavenged junk and use existing items like buses. The robots offered to make clean, well-designed shelters, but the humans declined, preferring to live in squalor. This, I believe, is perfectly consistent with FO4’s world “lore.” The humans have had 200 years to learn how to make buildings, but they live in hovels. They also seem to have a fondness for big piles of crap, weeds, and tin cans. One reason I like FO4 is that it’s totally realistic like this. Settlers never clean up anything or learn how to do anything. Raiders keep teddy bears next to corpses. 100% realistic.

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