3 comments on “Less Restrained Tour of Various Places

  1. The kitchen cabinets look in especially good repair.

    I’ve got to admit that the factory windows missing all those panes just irks the crap out of me. I hate that contrived aesthetic so much. LOL

    The cliffside stuff is cool. I love all the timbers.

  2. One of the DLC’s includes warehouse walls with intact glass and muntins. Sadly, I wasn’t able to replace the in-game structures. It is sort of annoying. You would think that some panes wouldn’t be broken.

    The kitchen set comes from a mod, which only gives you a choice of wrecked or pristine stuff. I wish someone would make a middle ground kind of thing.

    I, too, like the timbers. I use them too often, but believable alternatives are scarce. In my head, I r-p that the settlers have somehow learned to shape tree trunks and make these log supports. I can sort of live with that. There are lots of blasted trees wherever you go. What I can’t abide are builds with big concrete slab foundations, which is the other base type the game gives you. Concrete ingredients are relatively scarce, and settlers probably woudln’t have the skill to form big blocks, let alone stack them on top of each other. Don’t get me started on how many world and “lore” problems this game has.

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