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ILA has already discussed the Tristram content for patch 2.4.3, so I will talk a bit about some of my class progress. Here is an informative videro about solo Greater Rift clear competition, if you care about that. I don’t, except insofar as I like to steal ideas for making myself more powerful in my little bailiwick.

My main wizard is doing pretty well. She can fairly comfortably farm at Torment 11, but I prefer 10 just because it’s faster and because I can’t detect a huge difference in drop rate. She maintains her melee build but is now using the interesting ring Manald Heal in the Cube. This confers huge lightning damage and has a 15% proc chance. So I have changed Spectral Blade to a lightning rune and have increased the speed dramatically. The damage from Spectral Blade alone is colossal, owing to the insane attack speed, but that 15% procs mighty fast, and that’s the reason for the change. Note how everything SYNERGIZES with everything else:

This is system-building, which is why I love D3.

On another front, I’m working on my demon hunter. Initially, I didn’t care for this class. He was too derpy compared to the wizard with all her spectacle, but I think I can do something with this guy. I’m trying to coax Kadala into giving me a certain belt and quiver so that I can exploit grenades. That will happen. It’s only a matter of time. You can see here that I’m heading toward some kind of workable SYNERGY, though I have a ways to go:

I rather like this chap now. He’s getting faster, and speed is what attracts me to the game. My wiz is so fast (thanks to constant teleport, Spectral Blade attack speed, etc.) that monsters die without knowing what hit them. The DH is going there, but patience is the watchword.

More as things of sufficient interest occur.

I breezed through The Darkening of Tristam thanks to my Hellfire jewelry. Went from level 1 to 36 in one pass on Master difficulty. (Should have done Torment I guess) Got a Butcher pet.

I was a little disappointed in that most of the old traditional Diablo levels were actually just D3 levels with Diablo textures. Seems as if they rushed to finish it as the first 2-3 levels were pretty detailed but the farther you went along the less the details became and the more re-textured D3 content I saw. It was still fun though and I doubt I would have played D3 again if there wasn’t something different to do so they got me…

I did get a cool helm gem for finishing all 16 levels that is going to kill everything.