4 comments on “DiaBRO Patch 2.4.3

  1. Wait. I thought you were poor, but you have nearly 249 million gold.

    I assume you have to do the campaign to get into the Tristram level? Or maybe it’s something I missed in Adventure?

    I have about 500 Hellfire amulets but no rings. Maybe I can exploit the legendary gem that gives cheaty XP.

    Speaking of gems, that new Red Soul thing is interesting, mainly for the secondary perk.

  2. As mentioned on BF, our Tristram sessions have inspired me to start paying attention to my grownup demon hunter. Diablo 3 teaches us that if we ignore a character, his/her gear choices will be minimal; and because D3 is a gear-check game, said character will struggle at higher Torment levels. This was the case with my lvl 70 pew-pew. I am currently improving him by doing reasonable greater rifts to level up gems and get as many drops as I can. Kadala is trying to give me things, but RNG is unkind. I am not discouraged. You have to put in the hours.

  3. I am trying to get back into it but meh… Tristam was refreshing but not sure I am into doing the same random rifts over and over. The pinata escalator isn’t working for me anymore especially when we have pretty much the best items in the game already.

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