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I decided to take a break from building towns and try my hand at making a house. This was inspired by a Steam chat conversation with muppet. I don’t recall exactly what he said, but it was something to the effect that if he did any settlement-building, he’d prefer something nice instead of all the junk huts and weird plywood flooring. I thought this was an interesting idea. I didn’t want to do an antiseptic Institute building, so I tried for something a little warmer, made possible by an ambitious mod called Snappy HouseKit. I also used the wonderful USO (Unlocked Settlement Objects) mod and some other things.

I needed some relatively flat ground with considerable space, so I went to the enormous Red Rocket settlement in Nuka World. I had to elevate the structure because Bethesda can’t resist putting weeds and crap all over the ground even in a desert location, but I think it worked out reasonably well.

I decided to go with a more-or-less gothic/Victorian look.

The exterior — couldn’t find a full moon or bats.


Potted plants on the porch (for alliteration)


The living room


The kitchen


A bedroom


Stairs to the second floor


I decided to make the second floor a kind of gallery for my various stolen paintings.

You can be sure there was much glitching and fudging, especially to cover up electrical wiring and get objects nudged properly against walls. I’m presently working on another house at Sanctuary Hills, but I’m not sure I’ll show it, as it’s not as beau-monde as this one. Mostly, it’s an exercise to see how far glitching can be taken. Maybe I’ll show one room or something.


The original Lyon Outpost was built over a dam near the ghoul-infested Forest Marsh township. Unfortunately, it was quite buggy, either because of its attachment to Forest Marsh or its proximity to Oberland Station or for any of a hundred reasons. After multiple attempts to fix it, I destroyed Old Lyon and murdered most of the annoying settlers. Some got away. May they perish in some ignominious fashion.

Anyway, I started New Lyon a little bit southwest of Vault 81, thinking this site might be less affected by glitches. So far, the three settlers who showed up have refused to use the nice beds I provided, preferring to stand in the market all night, staring at the nearby overpass. At first, I was upset because I had made certain that pathing and bed access were 100% functional. Then I no longer cared. Maybe there’s something wrong with the Conquest mod that’s letting me build in these weird places. Maybe I have too many settlements. Whatever. I made the settlement. They can fix it themselves.

As usual, New Lyon is an ugly place because I don’t believe the “lore” allows for many settlers with sophisticated building abilities or access to good materials. In “real life,” they would have few tools, primitive carpentry skills, and only the junk they could scavenge from nearby towns. The result would be functional but rickety-looking villages. I won’t try to explain how they get hold of nuclear generators or high-powered defense turrets. Anyway, here are the pictures without interstitial commentary: