3 comments on “Conquest Settlements

  1. I took to building greenhouses because I don’t like replacing crops after attacks. Crops take damage from two sources: (1) enemies (you’d think they’d be more surgical since they’re trying to steal the resources) and (2) my own turrets. I tend to over-defend my places, and turrets are rather stupid. They’ll shoot at enemies until they’re dead. They don’t care what gets in the way — crops, settlers, other turrets, water purifiers, generators — they’ll happily destroy everything. Even some of the ballistic turrets are quite harmful. The Mark VIIs, for instance, fire explosive rounds, which cause extreme splash damage. Also, even though the game makes you think turrets have a limited range of movement, they really don’t. They can and will turn 180 degrees to shoot a molerat all the way across the settlement.

  2. Incidentally, there’s a mirelurk queen about 100 yards to the north, between us and Revere Beach Station. Every day, she derps around on the shore, getting a few inches closer. I leave her alone because it’s only a matter of time before she gets within range of my 6 billion turrets.

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