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I’m so pleased with this wizard that I had to share a little. This is a lightning build, and it is very, very powerful.

Diablo 3 has traditionally not been very good to the wizard’s lightning abilities. The signature skills are more novel than useful, and the spenders have been woefully lacking in power. Come to think of it, Blizzard has ignored two elemental build possibilities if you include cold. It’s true that Archon is an arcane element, and they do offer the Vyr’s set for that focus. They also provide Firebird if you want to go all fire all the time. But lightning has been their real stepchild.

Enter the amazing legendary ring called Manald Heal. As you can see, the perk works with the wizard’s Paralysis passive and has a 15% chance to proc as much as 14,000 percent weapon damage. That . . . is . . . huge.

Let’s take a moment to examine how the build works.

As you can see, Paralysis is chosen as one of the passives. The Manald Heal ring has been cubed so I can use the amazing properties of the Legacy of Nightmares ring set. Notice the perk: as long as LoN is your only set bonus, every ancient item you  have confers 100% additional damage. That, folks, is a lot of hurt.

I have tried to raise my attack speed as much as possible. The synergy offered by the Shame of Delsere belt and the Gogok of Swiftness legendary gem is off the chain. I need this to increase the chance of that 15% proc, and it works. Arcane Torrent is also a fast skill (aided by the shoulders), and the hydras spit out lighting quite rapidly (two of them, thanks to the cubed Serpent’s Sparker). The Myken’s Ball of Hate source does its job nicely. There’s hardly ever a time when enemies aren’t paralyzed and taking immense doses of lightning damage.

For survivability, you can’t go wrong with the Aquila Cuirass, as long as you can keep your Arcane Power over 92%. This is helped along by the cubed belt. Also, since I can’t use Teleport, I have to rely on the extra health I get from the amethyst in Leoric’s Crown, but mainly I’m counting on the Deflection rune of Magic Weapon working in concert with the Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer. I’m pretty happy with the result. In fact, everything in this build contributes meaningfully to my protection and the humiliating zappery of monsters. (I’m still looking for an ancient pair of Tasker and Theo gloves –

If you feel inclined to bow down, I’ll understand.


If you haven’t seen Keanu, you should. It’s pretty funny.

The title refers to Keanu the kitten, whom our heroes must rescue from drug dealers. Highlights include the violent death of Anna Faris (playing herself as a horribly brain-damaged coke addict) and a “vision moment,” in which Keanu the cat imparts wisdom to Keegan-Michael Key. The cat is voiced by . . . yes, Keanu Reeves.

I was amused.

This is a really interesting talk by Josh Mosqueira on how Diablo 3 evolved from a broken-ass Ebay simulator into what it is now. Of special interest is how aware the developers were of the horror show that was D3 in 2012 and how they set about fixing it. Even if you’re not a D3 fan, it’s worth watching to see how Blizzard thinks. (How/why they got rid of the auction houses starts at 42:00.)

Guess Nananea is back in the fold for OMDU.

I have to say I’m up to level 21 now and enjoying it.

Press Release:

With another new year comes another update to our streaming schedule for all things OMD! Now you’ll get access to the Robot Entertainment studio every single Thursday for fun, frivolity, and an inside look at developing OMDU. Additionally, we’ve retired Nananea’s “Meet Your Match” show and replaced it with “The Killbox”, her all new gameplay show all about wreaking the most havoc on those pesky greenskins