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Greetings. Sorry to have been away, but then so have you all.

I’ve been busy building a Brotherhood of Steel outpost at the Boston Airport. As you may know, this location counts as a settlement, but it doesn’t really function that way. You can’t place a settler beacon; nor can you find much room for crops or water. It’s mainly there as a location to build an endgame contraption. However, using various mods, I was able to overcome all of this. The airport is already occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel, but I was able to append a proper “outpost” with beds, crops, and other fru-fru. Here is a tour:

Visitors arrive at the exterior, which is more heavily guarded than you see in the picture:

BOS Boston Airport Outpost exterior — it has more guards now

If you’re admitted to the interior, you see this peculiar monstrosity:

Weird statue “liberated” from the GNN building – the Bros have no explanation for why they liked it so much (pay no attention to the water leaking from the roof and puddling on the carpet)

Unlike the Prydwen, my outpost actually has enough beds for everyone:

Upper floor – sleeping quarters and mess

Another shot of the upper floor:

Someone’s going to get in trouble for sloppy footlocker placement.

Here is the Infirmary, which is sensibly placed right next to the nuclear generator:

Jedi mind trick: there is nothing wrong with this arrangement.

Too many settlements fail to account for restrooms. I have not overlooked this necessity:

A latrine (may not be safe for work)

Here is a gratuitous supply shot, which is really an excuse to show off some BOS power armor:

Security, unstowed supplies, and someone’s unattended power armor

The outpost commander insisted that his quarters be simple and austere, but no one listened:

Quarters of our glorious commandant

I thought it would be appropriate to have a briefing room. I was using simple benches, but the NPC’s kept sitting on them backwards:

Briefing room with projector (doesn’t really function — this is a lighting/poster trick)

Finally, we have the base kitchen, where only the finest squirrel bits are prepared:

The kitchen (possibly the most sanitary location in the Commonwealth — if you look closely, you can see a pot in the sink — the near stove actually functions as a cooking station)

There you go. This is fairly rough, but I’m adding polish, details, and clutter where I can.