3 comments on “Brotherhood of Steel Boston Airport Outpost

  1. 😀 Needs more trash cans, stacked boxes, miscellaneous papers/folders, etc. The merchants need registers and wares on the counters, but this is hard to glitch. What I really want is a set of golf clubs for the commandant, but I don’t think they exist in the game or in any mods I’ve seen.

    My favorite thing is the little scribe crossing the street in the first picture. There’s nothing more adorable than a girl BOS scribe. The uniforms fit, but they always seem a little too big, which equals cuteness. I’m thinking of getting rid of the other people and making this an exclusive girl scribe “convent” or something. I probably won’t do it since populating this location is a nightmare. You have to use a mod to get settlers to show up. Then you have to find BOS uniforms for them.

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