3 comments on “Nuka World House

  1. Damn, dude.

    “For aliteration”. LOL

    The vaulted stone ceiling in the bedroom is really something given the style of the house outside… quite a contrast. 😀

  2. The pitched ceiling is from the Snappy HouseKit mod. It’s part of a church set, but I thought it would add some swank here.

    I rather like the other ceiling pieces because they double as upper floors with interesting tile patterns. In-game, they look ritzy and marbly, like something Vanilla Ice would use. Unfortunately, when you attach ceiling lights, the bound box ignores the concave design and cuts off the wiring in midair. It’s a small thing I couldn’t get around. 🙁

    Speaking of in-game, all this stuff looks quite different when you’re moving around and getting all the lighting effects. There’s also more definition. I should compensate by using an improved graphics mod. To get the most out of the mod, I should spend $1500 on a new graphics card and a 4k monitor.

    Yeah, no.

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