3 comments on “Lyon Outpost: The Remake

  1. I love those custom bed spreads.

    And sure, they can maintain nuclear fusion generators and laser turrets with computer targeting, but not build any vinyl siding. I get it. I understand… 😉

    At least Diamond City has discovered the long lost and much coveted “paint” technology.

  2. Thx for the replies, guyz.

    I have an idea about the settler bugs.

    Bethesda designated certain spots to establish settlements. In these places, the pathing and navmeshes work reasonably well as long as I don’t saturate every square foot with tall, complicated buildings.

    The Conquest mod lets me put settlements in places that were never meant for that purpose. The landscape is extremely complex and full of objects whose ref id’s don’t mix very well with settlement-related items. From the settler AI point of view, the pathing must seem insane. When I add in copious glitching and exceed Beth’s intended build-limit size by a huge margin, I’m surprised that anything works at all.

    Yes, even the most modest “official” settlements have bugs, but when you consider everything the AI is doing everywhere in the world, you have to admit that Beth has done an amazing job. I must have gone far beyond any and all limits they imposed. Everything I build is bigger and more intricate than Diamond City. The fact that things work as well as they do — and that the game doesn’t crash every minute — well, I must say I’m impressed.

    Also, I’ve figured out how to put pillows on beds. This will allow for massive strides in realism going forward.

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