5 comments on “Sanctuary Improvements

  1. Files on unAmerican Activities. LOL

    I love the house. The rad stag head is kinda creepy.

    The statue is a bit much, and why is it in color? Roman influence?

  2. It’s not really a statue. It’s a 3-D model Bethesda uses for loading screens. A mod I’m using makes it available, along with pretty much all the other loading screen models (which is how I populated the Spectacle Island zoo with animals). Another mod replaces the color with grayscale, which renders the models into more convincing statues, but I don’t have that one. 🙂

  3. Yes, they’re just stationary figures. I don’t know how the mod author made them available. I thought about using “live” animals, since one of the DLC’s lets you trap almost any kind of wildlife in the game. You have to use a special device to tame the hostile creatures if you want to turn them loose in settlements. That’s why I have a deathclaw roaming around in Sanctuary not eating anyone. With certain perks, you can get even hostile animals to follow you around and do things outside of settlements.

    I realized, however, that none of this would work for a zoo. You can’t make the creatures remain stationary. Something like a deathclaw or one of the big Far Harbor animals would get antsy and walk out of the cages somehow, sort of like how settlers who can’t pathfind will just teleport eventually to where they want to go. So I would have a whole island full of these ridiculous animals wandering around and getting in the way. The deathclaw in Sanctuary regularly goes to the market and visits the vendors, preventing settlers from using the stores. He also gets stuck in houses. Eventually, I’m going to have to shoot him.

  4. You would think that the Sanctuary deathclaw might be useful for defense. I’ve seen no evidence of this. During settlement attacks, he mostly does nothing. I don’t think enemies shoot at him, but this may be because they’re too preoccupied with trying to destroy turrets. I’m sure he would attack anyone who fired at him long enough to get his attention, but it’s doubtful that he takes an interest in defending the settlement. He’s just a big slacker whose novelty has worn thin.

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