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  1. Okay, I’ve read the patch notes.


    It’s hard to tell, but I think they’re breaking up some of the big levels and creating new smaller ones. This is good.

    As for traps and player changes: I see some positive things here, but they’re still trying to balance gameplay so that (1) the traps are iffy, (2) the player’s magic/ballistic power is iffy, resulting in the player having to run around and shoot things to make up for the traps’ shortcomings — and vice versa.

    This is well-intentioned and potentially fun, but you can see how they screwed this “balance” up in the OMD2 DLC’s. I’m seeing the same pattern here. I realize that OMD is not strictly a tower defense game, but players will always try to get their traps to do most of the work. They will ALWAYS try to create a self-sustaining mechanical system with as little player intervention as possible. I don’t understand why Robot can’t grasp this concept.

    There’s still too much accessorizing and frippery — too many chests, tiers, daily this and weekly that — it’s too complicated and fussy. Get rid of this crap and make a proper OMD game.

  2. The maps in OMDU really lack spots where you can make decent killboxes like we were used to in OMD1 and OMD2. That can actually be easily fixed but that whole PVP aspect they were ramming down our throats killed all balance. The player is soo weak he feels like he isn’t doing much at all and to top that off, the traps are either too weak or too expensive to help much either.

    In OMD traps were traps. In OMD2 they started scaling the power of the traps. In OMDU the went crazy with trap scaling because they want you to level them like an MMO. So now your beginner traps barely dent anything.

    They have come a long way in fixing this but its no where near the feel of the first 2 games.

  3. So playing last night the first few maps had more of a feel for the first 2 games than any other build of OMDU has had. They are really pushing the classic gameplay also as there was no mention whatsoever of PVP in the tutorial I played.
    I think if they continue in this direction it will be ok. I do like the variations of traps and the damage scaling will actually work well and give some extra variety.

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