2 comments on “My powers have increased

  1. I really think you have a future in Hollywood if you can interest the right people. Yes, there’s probably much to learn, and there’s the whole problem of working around “film makers,” who largely use up more than their fair share of oxygen. But really, you would mostly be in some shop, tinkering with weird plastics, glue, and welding torches. Just hide when the yuppie owners visit for group hugs, trust sessions, and ecological sermons.

  2. Aww shucks Sim. 🙂

    My skillsets are like Swiss cheese, though. There’s big gaps in what I know how to do.

    And my learning is kinda limited by my budget now. I didn’t invent these rubbers. I just had to buy the right ones and use them correctly. Not quite as inventive as it looks.

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