4 comments on “Sim, you WILL buy this or I will buy it for you!

  1. Downloaded.

    At first, I thought it was the same old broken game, but they’ve updated it with functional multiplayer and community patches (which surprisingly don’t suck).

    I should qualify:

    The original Titan Quest wasn’t broken. The expansion was screwy, introducing a bug that overheated certain video cards (mine, anyway) and another one that corrupted the quest log. The latter bug mystified the developers, so they were never able to fix it.

    I am most pleased that this new edition is available, as Titan Quest is the best of the Diablo clones. I like it better than Grim Dawn. Not that there’s anything wrong with Grim Dawn, but Titan Quest was a more professional product. Publisher money trumps Kickstarter every time. I mean, Kickstarter has its place and some good things have come out of it, but there’s a difference. Example: in spite of bugs, the AAA publisher-backed games of Obsidian and other ex-Black Isle/Bioware dev projects are just better than the things they fund with Kickstarter. Because, you know, money.

  2. Now, before anyone points out that publisher-backed titles are frequently riddled with bugs, I will freely acknowledge this. The difference I’m talking about has to do with things like general production values, superior assets, music, scope, things like that. Even the biggest Kickstarter things are hampered by recourse to “economy” licensing in various areas — engines, middleware, etc. Also team sizes — big publisher-backed AAA products aren’t necessarily better *games* — but the peripheral things like animation etc. are affected by team size and talent pools. This is just a fact.

  3. I don’t remember the mastery system being as complex when I played the original game. Is it just because I forgot or is it something they added with later patches?

    Don’t forget I never played Immortal Throne before either.

  4. I don’t know about patches, but the expansion added the Dream (illusion/disruption) mastery plus some other features:


    As always, Necro is giving me buyer’s remorse for not going Spirit instead of Earth. I did take Spirit as a secondary. Not that it matters much at lvl 9/10 in Normal. What I would like right now is a decent staff or something to increase damage and attack speed.

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