4 comments on “When it rains, it pours

  1. Since when do you play WoW?

    Also: post of 2016, right here.

    I’m pretty good at making entire pages one long sentence. Probably not correctly, but such is life. Like just now. Oh well.

    One legged soccer mom is going in my repertoire. The kids of today will find it horribly offensive without having any ability to articulate why.

  2. I played WoW quite a lot when it first came out. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize it now.

    The best labyrinthine sentences are perpetrated by competitors in the annual Bulwer Lytton contest.

    The default FO4 lone survivor female model is very interesting to me. She looks like a real person — not exactly pretty. I’m not sure why they made her a mid-thirty-ordinary-suburbanite-something instead of an early-twenty-shampoo-model-elf-something. This is why I refer to her as a soccer mom. I guess I could refer to her as a late-starter, but she has that soccer mom look — like a self-sufficient PTA coupon-cutter instead of a parent-leeching arrested development case. I took a shine to her right away and didn’t try to change her look.

    The default male lone survivor looks like nobody nowhere ever. I see that guy and think Generic Male Actor in a Lifetime Network Movie.

  3. Oh great.

    Now I see where Shadow Warrior 2 is coming out on Oct. 13. You get 10% off for pre-ordering, plus another 10% if you have Shadow Warrior 1. My expert math skills put that at $32.

    Also, a new Path of Exile expansion is out. I think that’s their 829th expansion — all free all the time. I should get back into this game. Best F2P developers ever, but you have to stay logged in to Steam 24/7 for their constant patching — worse than Team Fortress 2.

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