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    In video reviews, you’ll probably hear people call the game “doos ex.” The correct pronunciation is “day-oos ex.” Latin “e’s” are usually enunciated as separate syllables prior to other vowels, and “e” is pronounced as a long “a.” The letter “i” is pronounced as a long “e,” etc. The literal translation is “god from” and is taken from the phrase “deus ex machina” (pronounced “mahk-in-uh”) or “god from the machine.” Since the game series is about artificial augmentations, it’s a perfect title and deserves to be pronounced correctly.

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    “Machina” is “mahk-in-uh” because the letter “a” in Latin is pronounced as an “ah” sound. Also, “c” is always hard, like “k.” Romans didn’t have a “ch” or “sh” sound.

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    Romans would have called Julius Caesar “Iulius Caesar,” though there may be other variations. Latin omits the letter “j.” Caesar would sound like “Kai-sar” as “ae” in combination is pronounced as “ai.” The “s” would have been strong (master) instead of soft (please).

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    So-called church Latin has altered some sounds. For instance, the word “excelsis” in “in excelsis Deo” is commonly pronounced like this: “ex-chelsis.” The Romans would have said “ex-kelsis.”

    If you had tried to pronounce ecce homo as “ech-i homo” to a Roman, he or she would have been puzzled, since the expectation would have been “ek-kay homo.”

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