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  1. I’ve got over a hundred hours into it already, and I’m quite happy with it. Yes, it lacks polish, but what’s here is definitely engaging and fun. It’s hard to complain about the price when I’m playing it 8+ hours a day the past week.

  2. But yes they got lost in their own development Hell and promised features were cut like crazy. Sony probably insisted on a release after it was clear that feature creep was killing the project.

    Lots of features remain as stubs and things have clearly been retrofit to work. It’s definitely an indie effort that got too big for its pants and suffered from its own hype. Things that were clearly mean to do one thing now do a new, smaller thing, etc.

    Still having a shit ton of fun in it despite all of that, so it’s not all bad.

    I wasn’t even aware of the hype train from 2013 E3 onwards. I became aware of the game about a week ago. So, no, I’m not enjoying the game because of a lead developer who made absurd promises in tons of videos. 😛

  3. I’ve finally run out of content and I’m pretty annoyed that the end game is bullshit, but still, a hundred hours for 60 bucks.

    The devs lied their asses off and there’s no escaping that, but it’s not surprising either. They did what the big guys do, except without the PR staff.

    “Dozens of free titles” definitely do not have the procedural generation chops of NMS, but unfortunately, that’s all it has. The “game” is a bolted on afterthought to a tech demo.

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