15 comments on “No Man’s Sky: get it when it’s $10, which will probably be next week

  1. Meanwhile, the Steam forum for this game is FILLED to BURSTING with 20 year old neckbeards defending this game to the death and the devs really can’t be proven to have lied about missing features, because did you check all quintillion planets to make sure?

    Yes they are seriously making that argument. And dumber ones.

  2. What’s really insidious about this game is that it really does suck you in. It’s amazing for about 20 hours. Then you start to think you must need to listen to the characters in game and head toward the galaxy center to find the REALLY cool stuff because everything is starting to look the same…

    …and then you get there and you get a big middle finger and you sit and think about how broken all of the features/UI/etc in this game are.

    It’s a really neat concept demo with a $15 early release quality game stapled to it.

  3. “Thanks for paying $60 for our game.”

    . . .

    “Thanks for being patient while do some triage on our game to keep it from crashing.”

    . . .

    “Thanks for your Q/A reports. We’re a small team so we didn’t do any Q/A.”

    . . .

    “Thanks for your patience about the absence of content. We’re a small team so it’s hard for us to put in all that stuff you saw in the trailers.”

    . . .

    “Thanks for understanding that we’re a small team. And thanks again for that $60. Our small team is getting rich much faster than a big one.”

  4. Game Website Interviewer: “What is it like being so successful with such a small team?”

    Hello Games: “It’s really nice. If we do something good, everybody pees all over themselves about how a small team did X. If we screw something up or leave out huge portions of content implied by our trailers, we don’t even have to use the small team defense anymore. Gazillions of fanboys do that for us. It’s win-win.”

    Game Website Interviewer: “So do you ever intend to add the content people saw in the trailers?”

    Hello Games: “We hope to get to the place where we can think about that, but it’s hard.”

    Game Website Interviewer: “Because you’re a small team.”

    Hello Games: “Your words.”

  5. The frothing, autism-spectrum fanboys are the worst part of the whole thing. It’s OK for devs to lie, cheat, and steal because otherwise we have to admit we paid $60 for a bad game, and our egos won’t allow that.

  6. It’s like the AMD processor syndrome, except those people never escape. The horror keeps looping year after year, like vengeance cycles in Germanic sagas.

  7. As usual your ability to break down all of the hoopla and press over this (or any) game into these witty little vignettes is amusing and appreciated. LOL

    Literally every interview with the team is the same formula.

    Well, “It’s the players ultimately who are responsible for believing our outrageous lies” is another add on to many

  8. I’m tempted, but I need to work. Heh. And I blew $60 on Sean Murray’s droppings.

    And Elite has always been very combat focused. I liked NMS because it was chill. I just didn’t realize what a freaking rip it was until 20+ hours in, and then I was just grinding to see the conclusion of a story that never came.


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