2 comments on “Dibabro Patch 2.5.0 is live

  1. Patch 2.5

    “The Storage Patch”

    I’m not sure how many programmers Blizzard has working on D3 patches now but I think 1 guy working in his basement could have made these changes in about 2 hours.

    How does it take them 3 months?

  2. Yes, I consider these pretty meh changes. They’re mainly for uber-paragon group people who spend all day trying to top the leader board.

    Meanwhile, I made a demon hunter and am presently at lvl 56. I’ve been playing with mn, who made a crusader and leveled it to 70 in about one day. He carried me for a while in Hard mode while he was still in the upper 60s. I forgot that Hard for a high-60s character is different from a mid-40ish Hard. Monsters scale, so I was dying very frequently. Fortunately, the repair costs were negligible. Blizzard even suspends the wait-time punishment until your gear is too broken to go on. Nice.

    We found a rainbow goblin in one of the bounties we were doing. In case you don’t know, rainbow goblins open portals to a new and improved Whimsyshire. Crafting mats, gold, legendaries, etc. drop like mad. It’s the D3 lottery. We were constantly making trips to town to unload.

    Crafting a Cain’s set boosted XP gain by 50%, so leveling was fast — so fast that within about two hours I was getting wrecked. Cain’s is level 23 armor, which just doesn’t work in a high-60s Hard game. Oh well.

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