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I bought the boxed disc copy, I think haven’t installed a game like that since Baldur’s Gate – 7 DVDs and after over an hour of installing I still can’t play the damn game, the launcher downloads some more 10 gigabytes.


why did I buy this game anyway?

After 9 years (and 2 daughters) of being together, my girlfriend just told me that we have nothing in common (except the children), our relationship is pointless and cannot be fixed and we should go separate ways.

my plans for the weekend: not to fall apart.

I bought a new computer, hoping that it will motivate me to start some real work on some graphics/video projects I have in my head.

First thing i did was installing FO4. And it was terrible. I didn’t know what it was at first, but the game now looked very unimpressive. Then I realized – it was running too smoothly, the high fps count made it look like a Venezuelan soap opera. I need to find a way to cap fps.

I never owned a computer that could run recent games at maximum setting, so that’s all new to me.

So I bought the Witcher 3. What’s the point of making a beautiful detailed open world if you’re forced to play in third person? This totally kills all immersion for me. Trying now a mod that changes the camera, but it’s not perfect. At last you can cap fps to 30 in the menu. 



The Survival mode finally arrived so I returned to my unfinished game with my level fifty-something character.

The biggest problem of Survival is that ammo now has weight – each mini nuke weighs 12! Fusion cores weigh 4! I had to ditch most of my weapons so now I’m really afraid of Deathclaws again. This really is a game changer, I love it.

Also, the only mods I play with are Better Settlers and Don’t Call Me Settler. Killable provisioners! Now it really makes sense to have your settlers well protected.

Survival and these two mods really make the game great again.

UE4 looks like it’s a great tool for visualisation. I’m working on various projects to show the history of the development of my home town of Lodz, Poland and so far I’ve rendered a few things in Blender, but I wanted something in which I can create some interactive stuff.  And UE4 is quite powerful and, most importantly,  absolutely free for this!

Working on the history of Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), I live just next to it, here you can see how it looks now, I’m trying to recreate the architecture of how the place looked in various stages of its history since its founding in 1823.

Here’s how it looked about 1849. Basic geometry only, almost no textures yet.

uepw7 uepw8 uepw9


If you’re interested, here’s the video project I made last year about a fragment of my town a bit north of here (has English subtitles – not my own translation):

So I got a note that Covenant is being attacked. Thick concrete walls, lots of turrets – no need to hurry, but I rushed to help (no fast travel), and when I reached the place all I had to do was finish off the single raider that was still alive, the others were already dead littering the ground around the wall. However, to my dismay, I found that the Covenant resident cat was dead, laying just outside the gate. Why did she go out? Did she try to defend the settlement? I hadn’t even noticed before that her name was Dora. And now she was dead. This touched me deeply. Also, this also reminded me how much cooler the game would be if it allowed renaming settlers and made them mortal when attacked by hostile npcs, so that I could actually care more about them.

Half of the Covenant turrets were blown up during the attack and you cannot rebuild them or clean them up, I guess their remains will be burning forever. Funny thing, I built a new turret and one of the remaining turrets attacked it, my turret returned fire and destroyed the Covenant one.


I admit it, Fallout 4 has made my life miserable. I can play only at night and suffer from “just one more neatly placed chair in this settlement’s recreational area” affliction at 3 a.m. Hasn’t made anything creative in the last month. At least I replaced broken tap in the kitchen today (planned to do it in December). The old one is worth at least 2 steel.

The Institute is a letdown. I found only one useful thing there *Institute spoilers below (hope the “more” function works)*:
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