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  1. Although I will never understand why people want to be punished with these survival things, I’m glad you’re having a good time. I get itchy to return to FO4 from time to time. I probably should have bought the “season pass” when it was $30. I’d like to try out the robot thing. Not that interested in Fah Habbah if it’s going to center around the Children of Atom — will have to see reviews.

    Have fun surviving. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t carry 152 guns around. I’d hate to think I couldn’t tote my uber OP gauss rifle, which turns deathclaws into borscht.

  2. I’m all for survival mode but allowing provisioners to be killed just sounds like punishment, not gameplay. You can’t watch those guys all the time, and you can’t line their trade routes with turrets.

  3. I have far too many provisioners running around. I can’t go down a road without seeing at least one. Before I learned better, I sent multiple ones to the same places. I even sent two or three to the airport, which isn’t a real settlement. It would have been nice if the game had pointed that out.

    The point is that I wouldn’t cry if about 85 provisioners were left in ditches.

  4. The whole Fallout universe lends itself to survival gameplay elements. It should have shipped with the game (along with non Radiant quests that weren’t complete shit.)

    If you want hack and slash, then Skyrim is your game, or DOOM, or Quake.. 😛

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