3 comments on “trying to learn Unreal Engine

  1. Amazing, Brite. I remain impressed by the level of talent and creativity among my intarweb friends. Extremely cool idea using UE4. Looking forward to more about Lodz (wish more Americans would do things on their home towns, especially the historic ones in the east — sadly, it takes something like Fallout 4 to get people interested in the history of a town like Boston). Also, Polish is a really interesting language (which I would not be able to learn in a million years).

  2. Neat! I wish I weren’t so afraid of 3D engines. I’m working on a 2D game/interactive fiction thing that would look great in 3D, but 3D intimidates me. It probably wouldn’t even be significantly more work because I could use voxels. 3D is just scary.

    Looking good, Brite.

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