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  1. I tested various ways to express the common internet expression “meh.” Some were preceded by helpful prefixes and suffixes. Some lengthened the number of “e’s” and “h’s.” In the end, I settled on a version that incorporates the whole panoply of my indifference:


    I think the extra “h” adds just the right amount of emphasis while conserving energy (after the manner of cats who take very short strolls before returning to their naps).

  2. Okay, I played a bit of this last night. It seems moderately fun, though I still can’t figure out why they use domination maps instead of mostly tower-defense designs. I guess they really hope for lots of team play in this siege mode.

    The interface could use some work. For example, the player needs a simpler way to backtrack and get to a main area for options. The way it is now, things are all over the place.

    Default “free” traps and weapons seem pretty limited. I imagine this will improve as you gain levels and amass combo points. The warmage’s crossbow is pretty crappy compared to its powerful counterpart in OMD2. Default spells for the fire mage are petty meh. I assume these can somehow be upgraded.

    I see a lot of potential here, but I need to play it more so I can learn how everything works and how much pressure there is to spend real money.

  3. The default crossbow is pretty weak by design. Combos allow you to add power to it as you play as I’m sure you have seen. I see why things are soo weak in the beginning because the first couple maps would be snoozers if you were more powerful.

    For example: I got the Brimstone trap last night and like I said, its OP early on. Cliffside Clash level 1 was basically laying 4-5 brimstone in the right path in each lane and Orc mass death happens.

    My 2nd pro tip:Get an additional guardian ASAP if you play solo. Once you get to the level 4 maps there are 3 lanes to guard and things get pretty hectic when all 3 are throwing orcs at you.

    I was reading the reviews on Steam and it seems pretty unanimous that people HATE the Siege part of the game and somewhat like Survival because it is more like the first 2 games.

    There is still work to do. They need to add more survival maps and I haven’t been able to find the Endless game yet. Maybe I have to be higher level.

  4. I’m playing the game to my liking. I’m totally ignoring the Siege side of it and just playing Survival solo. I would like to try 2 player survival but I have zero interest in playing with strangers. I think 5 player Survival would be pretty interesting with 5 people that know each other. Maybe we can talk Necro or muppet into playing?

    As the game is now, it can get pretty grindy later on I’m guessing with the lack of different maps but I hope they combat this with wider array of enemies and the tier level traps. The limitations of Survival mode are no doubt because of the meaningless time spent by Robot on Siege so I’m hopeful when they get the Steam feedback they they will put more into it.

  5. Their reputation for acting on feedback is pretty awful, but maybe they’ll change.

    The tips are much appreciated. I didn’t have much time to do anything last night (and forgot all about guardians –lol). I need you to show me the ropes in the early survival maps, as my OMD/2 experience isn’t translating all that well to this very different game.

    Would like to see more effects — graphics seem to be sort of place-holdish right now, with minimal gore and asplosion feedback, etc. Also that wackjob UI — eesh.

    Anyhow, I hope to be on tonight for some tutoring.

  6. Last night’s session was instructive. I can see that I’m probably going to have to grind the earlier maps a bit before taking on the more ambitious ones. Last night’s failure was a classic case of overreaching on my part. You were on top of things, though. Thx for the tips.

  7. You were pro as usual. We just weren’t ready for the ogres on that map. I had to grind the first 3 maps to get to level 5. It wasn’t bad though because I could experiment with the other heroes and play with different trap setups. You got the brimstone which is the first hurdle. Soon after I was able to get the tar and pounders. I went with the cheapest available traps first to solve the money problems early on.

    That last map we played was thrown at us a little earlier than it was in the closed beta. I wasn’t sure what to expect. At least there wasn’t any healing trolls.

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