7 comments on “News from the neglected cleaning front

  1. We’ve been eyeing up a Shark dust buster with pet attachment. The Bissel caught my eye because of the lithium battery pack, which says it will charge quickly and often, and will be light to handle.

    The Shark model has a pet attachment though, and that may win the day. I don’t know if it will make much of a difference, being a hand held unit probably means the pet attachment won’t be all that powerful.

    The local CanadianTire has the Shark model on sale for 50% off this week. We’ll see..

  2. I believe I addressed the pet problem. Trade in your dogs for a good vacuum cleaner. I’ll bet I’m the only one here who has a decent one. Please tell me you don’t have a Hoover or Eureka taking up space in some closet.

    Dox, save up and go Riccar. Sharks and Dysons are lightweight novelties. Pros use heavy ordinance. Riccar is a serious vacuum for serious housecleaners.

  3. If Necro has a vacuum cleaner, you can bet it’s a Riccar. He may have an Electrolux, but that’s only because he isn’t current on pro appliances. Dollars to donuts he doesn’t have some wheezing belt-breaking thing he got at Target.

  4. Seriously, though, take your dogs down to the shelter and replace them with quality cleaning devices. Riccar can handle pet hair, but why would you have some nasty animal in the same house with the best vacuum cleaner in the world? If I call Vanilla Ice right now, I’m 100% certain he would back me up on this.

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