3 comments on “Grim Dawning

  1. Yeah, that was rather odd. After he died, I noticed my chat not appearing. I couldn’t cast spells or open the inventory. Then I looked at the Steam overlay and saw that I’d lost connection. No biggee. But then I observed that I couldn’t even open the menu to quit. Task Manager said the game was not responding. So either this was a coincidence or the game crashed because of the lost connection. No idea. In any case, I got the achievement for killing the boss and (I think) managed to loot him. Of course, I didn’t get what was in the chest(s).

    Your character was mighty fine, bonking enemies with them thar big 2h weapons. You were correct about his uberness — greatly to be admired. I shall have to try to catch up to him if possible.

  2. Indeed. This is where I went wrong with my rogue build. I put everything into cunning meaning I could dish out crazy damage but anything that hit me almost killed me because my HP was crap. I am hoping to fix him soon.

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