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The King of Sweden is now popular enough to get sponsored computer parts. This allows him to share his latest computer build with youtube plebs.

Of special interest are the following points:

  • He builds his own case, which appears to be made almost entirely of sturdy plastic.
  • He seems to build the first computer in history with no power supply. Can you find it? I can’t.
  • He reveals his well-provisioned command center and makes the audience wonder how he finds enough wall receptacles to plug in 1,212,438 devices.

I don’t suppose we’ll see any more Fallout 4 videos until the DLC comes out.

So Robot and Gameforge are starting to come around. With the latest patch they have installed Survival Mode which is basic OMD gameplay. For some reason I cant take an actual gameplay screenshot and Steam wont let anyone watch (guessing because its still in development). The best I can do is menu screens:

There are the traditional weapons and traps from the first 2 games but they look much better. There are also several new traps. Instead of collecting Skulls to buy new traps and weapons, you have to collect items that drop from gameplay and actually build the items, kind of like an MMO. I don’t mind this actually.

There are 5 maps currently but they are divided up into several different difficulties up to level 100.

All in all, I enjoyed the first map I tried and it did feel a lot like the classic game so I’m encouraged that maybe they will fix this game after all.

When it comes down to it, Fallout 4 is just a mediocre game with shit writing, dumbed down dialogue and quest trees, and without any of the soul of the previous titles except via nostalgia

They’ve shat their own bed by cutting corners.

Hopefully whoever made F:NV will get ahold of their engine improvements and make a better “0.5” sequel out of this mess after all the DLC has been slung. :-/

People come up to me all the time and ask me, “Sim, how do I smell like my grandmother?”

Clean your house with Swiffer products. I have written extensively on this, so nothing further needs to be said.

Bathe twice a day and use Johnson’s Lavender and Chamomile Baby Powder, available at fine stores everywhere.

Use Glade Automatic Spray devices and refills, preferably the Lavender & Peach Blossom combination.

Wash your clothes frequently and use Downy fabric softener.

Keep cookies baking in the oven all the time. Anything from Pillsbury should be fine, but chocolate chip is always a safe bet.

For a bonus effect, lie on a flat surface and temporarily affix freshly baked Pillsbury cookies to your clothes.

If you follow these tips, you will smell like an authentic grandma. No need for potpourri or other scents. True grandmas don’t smell like gift stores. They smell authentic.

Oh also: brush your teeth after every meal.


Not sure why Microsoft can’t just knock this off. I’m hearing that on Tuesday, the Win 10 upgrade will become a “recommended” update. Okay, fine. I see why they want to recommend it. However, they need to be sure that it’s optional and that you have a way to turn off nagging. It’s the nagging that bothers me. Office 365 now has a constant nag banner for upgrading to Office 2016. Ironically, I don’t want to upgrade to Office 2016 until I upgrade to Windows 10, and I don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 until I know it’s not going to brick my computers, especially my work-at-home one.

It’s very distracting. I’m tempted to drink the Kool-Aid and let Microsoft have its way completely — Cortana and everything. If I don’t, will Microsoft asplode?

So I got a note that Covenant is being attacked. Thick concrete walls, lots of turrets – no need to hurry, but I rushed to help (no fast travel), and when I reached the place all I had to do was finish off the single raider that was still alive, the others were already dead littering the ground around the wall. However, to my dismay, I found that the Covenant resident cat was dead, laying just outside the gate. Why did she go out? Did she try to defend the settlement? I hadn’t even noticed before that her name was Dora. And now she was dead. This touched me deeply. Also, this also reminded me how much cooler the game would be if it allowed renaming settlers and made them mortal when attacked by hostile npcs, so that I could actually care more about them.

Half of the Covenant turrets were blown up during the attack and you cannot rebuild them or clean them up, I guess their remains will be burning forever. Funny thing, I built a new turret and one of the remaining turrets attacked it, my turret returned fire and destroyed the Covenant one.


This worthy creature went through a lot of scripted off-screen stomping and screaming before making its appearance. I believe this was intended to build up the ter-roar you’re supposed to feel. What the poor thing never figured out was that it was locked in a small building with the most dangerous monster in the Wasteland, namely me.

It was oblivious of its peril because (1) it never saw me and (2) it died instantly with one shot. It was one of those “never felt a thing” merciful deaths.


I don’t know how many hitpoints it was supposed to have, but it just wasn’t up to a gauss gun with over 500 damage multiplied by 6.3.

The lesson here is never send a deathclaw to do a tyrannosaurus rex’s job.