3 comments on “The Vault-Tec DLC is uber fun guyz

  1. The boxy vault is my fault. Vault 88 consists of a foyer (where you see the sign) and a network of large cavernous rooms connected to the Quincy Quarries. In short, Beth did very little vault-building; they only supplied lots of raw materials. The boxy room is attached to the foyer area and is my first attempt at figuring how walls and ceilings fit together. As I get more experience, future rooms hopefully won’t be this crude.

  2. I just figured it was like the woefully inadequate settlement tools, wasn’t critiquing your technique. 🙂

    I saw this DLC on XBOX for like $15-20. Seems like too much. I bought Inside instead. I’m enjoying it. I don’t think you would. Heh.

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