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  1. LOL, you actually got me to log back in for the first time in months. I’m on XBOX, though. Apparently I need a Bethesda account if I want mods. No clue how to get one and don’t care.

    Evidently I got so bored of FO4’s thin story quests and endless fetch quests that I left quite a lot of locations undiscovered, so at least I had something to do. I actually even found a few micro-stories like the Wilson Atomatoys HQ.

  2. The game is deceptively huge and has an almost endless list of weird things to find. I don’t use mods (yet) and am content just wandering around getting into fights and looting scrap. The only perks left to care about are settlement-related, and I’m not that wild about those (e.g., stores, etc.). I guess I could improve lockpicking and hacking, or something like getting more caps, but I just don’t need these. You can ignore virtually every lock and terminal in the game, and after a certain point you use ammo to buy the few things you might want from a vendor. So I’m rich but don’t have much reason to spend caps.

    Here’s a very interesting little video related to our talk about enemies and level-scaling.


    I haven’t come across two or three of the enemies they discuss, but I have fought their pick for the toughest one. They’re right — it was a gnarly encounter.

  3. I’m constantly running out of energy ammo still. I end up using my 10mm pistol a lot, which is not the standard Fallout one but a more real world looking one I got… somewhere?

    I get about 23 shots with it in VATS, which is kind of comical. I can get off 3 or 4 crits before I run out of AP and the game exits slo-mo.

  4. I started New Vegas until I got to a terminal and discovered I am really not that into puzzle solving.

    Were I to try the game again what stats are most important to start out with?

  5. I’ve forgotten a lot about FONV. I usually like to play small-arms sneaky characters, so attributes like Agility and Luck would be important to me. Sneak would be indispensable. I would get Boone as a companion and put points into Guns, Sneak, Repair — things like that.

    These guys do a lot of interesting builds:


    mup, your gun sounds like the Deliverer, a unique VATS-modified silenced 10mm.


    If you run out of ammo a lot, put points into the Scrounger perk. It really works.

  6. Also, in FO4, I use a variety of small arms and max out the related perks — Rifleman, Gunslinger, Commando. I want the most advanced modifications for all small weapons, so maxed Gun Nut, Science, and so on are no-brainers. My character is designed as a stealth-based system intended to inflict maximum damage at a distance. Therefore, all Luck, Agility, and Perception-related perks get attention. Novelty attributes (Charisma) and perks (Inspirational, Wasteland Whisperer, etc.) are generally ignored until very late game.

    I see the game world as a giant inclusive resource that exists for my exploitation and advancement. As a result, I don’t care much about stories. I visit Vault 81 and do its silly quests solely to get access to the unique combat rifle Overseer’s Guardian. I clear out the ocean-side raider town Libertaria solely to acquire the shotgun Les Fusil Terribles. My every exertion of time and energy is invested in making my character harder to see, harder to kill, harder to dodge. I love this inch-by-inch character crafting and have no patience for flailing around and having random adventures.

    I end up with tons of ammo because what strength I have in the early and mid-game is used to carry as many different kinds of guns as possible. When I use gun A for a while, guns B, C, and D don’t get fired and thus build up unused ammo. At a certain point, I dump all .38-based weapons and use that ammo for money. Since I don’t use heavy guns, all the ammo I collect is money in the bank (and it doesn’t weigh me down because I don’t play in silly survival difficulty). Not that there’s anything wrong with survival, except that it’s all about disadvantage, which is alien to my character, who is all about exploitation and advantage.

  7. Last night in a Steam chat, I gave muppet incorrect information. As noted above, the Overseer’s Guardian rifle is available for sale at Vault 81, not Covenant. The Covenant merchant sells a unique combat shotgun called Justice. Other than having a chance to stagger enemies, it’s not very special. FO4 shotguns in general are rather crappy compared to most other weapons.

    What makes Overseer’s Guardian great is the “2-shot” feature. People mistakenly think that a 2-shot gun wastes ammo by firing two shots when the trigger is pulled. What Bethesda is trying to say is that each round does twice the weapon’s base damage. It then adds perk effects and divides by two. There is a minor accuracy penalty, as well. Even so, 2-shot guns are insanely overpowered. This probably explains why they’re so rare.

    As far as I can tell, the best weapon in the game is a 2-shot assault rifle, modded as an automatic. It’s also understandably rare. Thankfully, I managed to find one. If you apply the Advanced Automatic receiver and have maxed perks like Rifleman and Commando, no enemy at any level has a chance against it. The Overseer’s Guardian is a close second when modded with a .308 ammo receiver.

  8. Okay, naturally something like a fully modded 2-shot Gauss rifle will be more powerful than the Overseer’s Guardian, but good luck finding all the Gauss ammo you need, especially in the early and mid games. Also, a 2-shot Gauss rifle does exist, but it’s basically the unicorn of FO4. If you ever see one, you are favored.

    As a general rule of thumb, ballistic weapons are just better than energy-based ones. You can find decent unique laser guns, but the best of them fail hard when compared to ballistics. Old Faithful is a very capable unique laser gun that does double damage if the enemy is at full health. Plus, it has a very long range when modded into a sniper rifle. It’s also light, so it’s a good choice up to about mid-game. By late game, you can still use it against veteran raiders and stronger common enemies, but it’s pretty worthless against high-health ones like Super Mutant Warlords.

    As nearly as I can determine, the best Gatling cannon pales next to the automatic 2-shot assault rifle. Gamma guns are utter crap and should be ignored. Plasma guns can be pretty good with the right mods and legendary affixes. I have a 2-shot plasma rifle that does extremely high damage, so I keep it around just to use up my plasma ammo when I don’t want to waste .308s or assault rifle rounds. Plus, it’s wonderfully light — a good deal if you can’t carry much weight.

    In a word, go ballistic unless you see an irresistible energy weapon. Use fusion cells for money.

  9. I’m perpetually out of ammo for everything but my 10mm. I should find a .38 weapon and mod it up b/c that’s all I ever have. But then, that’s probably why I always have that ammo.

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