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  1. Which one had the Tron puzzle? I doubt I get either expansion but I surely wont get that one.

    I’m still derping around at level 33ish. I haven’t been south of Diamond City yet. Trying to clear my questlog to do some exploring but Preston seems to always have something to do and the farmer’s daughter seems to get kidnapped every 5 minutes…….

  2. That would be Far Harbor. I kind of liked the puzzle, but I can understand why a lot of people wouldn’t.

    Preston will always have at least one job for you. Usually, he’ll have two. You could move him somewhere obscure (make him a companion, then dismiss him and send him wherever). You could then fail the quests and go to the Castle or listen to Minuteman radio if you want to start back up. Settlement quests you get from the Castle or the radio are completed when you report to the settler who gave them, so Preston can’t trap you anymore. You may still get settlers running up to you and bushwhacking you with new ones, though.

    Recently, all settlement quests have dried up for me. I don’t know what happened. Preston, the Castle, the radio — nothing. So for the moment, I work for the Brotherhood of Steel.

  3. Reading through this (skimming, really… sorry I’ll read it better later) I was mostly struck by the realization that Bethesda needs a new engine.

  4. They’ve needed a new one for years. They can claim this is a new engine all they want, but it’s the same piece of junk they used on Morrowind. They just keep editing it and calling it something else.

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