2 comments on “Basic Diabro science I didn’t know about

  1. But I just like to click things…

    That’s quite a thumbnail on What We Do in the Shadows. Isn’t that the movie that Depp was in a little while back? Remaking it already? Or just really similar title?

  2. Not sure about Depp being in a version. This one has all unknowns and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The premise is basically what would happen if you took a rent-share comedy and applied it to vampires. All the sinister powers and characteristics of vampirism are reduced to ineffectual absurdity as the “flatmates” have meetings about washing dishes, stealing each other’s fashions, etc. One of the funniest scenes involves a neighborhood disturbance call from the Wellington police. Then there’s “the Beast.” You should pray that you never meet . . . the Beast.

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