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  1. Well, a small team. The bandolier was made for me on commission by a lovely lady out in Texas. Chewie’s skull and hairless facial skin was made by a dude in Ireland.

    So it was a lot of work, but not from scratch.

    There’s a dozen or two Chewbacca costumes like this one in the world. I like to think that mine is among the top 5 in terms of just handsome good looks, but that’s a subjective preference mostly. 🙂

    Thanks though, Sim. As always your praise is… thick. LOL

  2. I would not consider minor outsourcing a reason to minimize your achievement. It certainly doesn’t qualify as teamwork. I’m having a hard time imagining four other costumes on a level approaching this one. With this much focus and patience, you should consider entering the private-sector space competition. You could make a Death Star. Imagine people saying “That’s no moon” about something you made in your house.

  3. See? This is what signals to me that your praise is all subtle mockery and at the end you’re just a clever professor making fun of me at least half of the time. LOL

    I do know a team of guys who are building a 1:1 scale Millenium Falcon in some field out west. That’s totally nutso. If I had land and money I’d probably try to do it.

  4. Oh ye of little faith. The joke is a reflex, a rhetorical defense to avoid the excessive and maudlin. It protects you from pride and its inevitable consequence: vice. It also offsets my perceived gushing, which would do you no good at all. If you must know, I really am kind of gobsmacked about what you’ve done and the implications of what you could do if you set your mind to it.

  5. When I was working on his feet last weekend, I almost took the tip of my thumb off with some thinning shears. Those things are real barbers’ tools, mind you. They’re titanium and razor sharp. If they had been regular shears I’d have a shorter thumb today. It was the perforated bit that kept things attached.

    So… putting my mind to it I could probably remove my own head.

  6. If by “scare the crap out of them” you mean “provoke them to blow my head off” then yeah probably.

    Dude, if you ever want to spend a day marveling that the human race hasn’t somehow blown itself off the planet yet, look on Youtube for bigfoot videos and read the comments. OMFG.

  7. Oh, you must have never seen this show. If you had, you would know that they would never ever blow your head off. They would be more likely to make love to you than anything else……

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