4 comments on “Chewie had some cosmetic work done today including some styling, a chin tuck, and a mustache transplant

  1. I think you’ve gotten to the point where your wookie looks better than the one in Star Wars. I don’t understand why you’re not famous.

  2. Well, to be fair, costumes for movies have to be done a great many at a time and they don’t really need to be scrutinized up close. So… mine’s for a different purpose and I have the luxury of LOTS of time and fussing over details.

    Also, my skills are now very specific to Chewie. I’d have to learn a new set of skills to make somebody else. 🙂

    I still haven’t cast an entire mask/headpiece from scratch yet. This was built on a prefab head.

  3. You should make a werewolf outfit that includes an actual transformation dynamic. Each hair would be driven by a little servo thing and be computer controlled for a dramatic sprouting effect. You would be the man for this job. Rick Baker would hire you instantly and patent the effect.

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