4 comments on “Thoughts on Crafting

  1. Also, I go through circuitry and fiber optics like mad, so I loot every telephone and hot plate I can find for circuitry. Fiber optics are more rare. Happily, I can take advantage of the treasure room in Jamaica Plain to supply these. I just reset all the laser trip wires and carefully disarm them. Boom. Lots of fiber optics.

  2. I turned on recruitment beacons in a bunch of my settlements and now I’m deliberately ignoring them, hoping that after they get hungry and dirty and tired enough (since sleeping on the ground is impossible I guess), they’ll revolt and kill me and end my settlement management misery.

  3. You are a terrible landlord.

    I solved my Castle problem by tediously moving most of the defense units to the land-facing ramparts. After a couple of days, the Castle got attacked by super mutants. They couldn’t progress even halfway down the road toward the entrance. I felt a little sorry for them. I may take some carrots over to their hideout.

  4. Oh, I think I figured out how to deal with the multitude of Brahmins that get underfoot in my settlements. In the workshop interface, I noticed that I could build a Brahmin feeding trough. So I did and put it in a fenced area. The cow went right to it and tended to stay in that area. At first, I tried to enclose the fence completely, but the animal was in such distress that I decided to open one side. This was at Country Crossing or someplace — don’t remember. The real test will be at Hangman’s Alley, where settlers can’t swing a cat.

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