4 comments on “Garwood Outpost Part 2

  1. Yes, that’s sort of what I thought. Since the settlers don’t seem inclined to clean up big piles of rubbish or get rid of dead trees, they must spend their non-farming time doing festive things like drinking and buying bullets.

    Not that they need bullets here. All those turrets are wasted on what is probably the most peaceful location in the Commonwealth. I haven’t seen a single enemy — not even a bloatfly. To compensate, settlers seem to be killing themselves mysteriously. The population will increase by one or two people, then magically decline. I thought I might find dead bodies in the water, but I haven’t seen any. I think I just overbuilt and the game is bugging out.

  2. I think you’re exactly right. There are so many illegal and mashed-together objects, they probably fall through holes I don’t know about.

    The game map and Pip-Boy workshop interface get very confused about what to call the settlements and where they are. Plus, I get reports all the time that they have no defense, no crops, no beds, etc.

    One place — Lyon Outpost, the huge settlement I built over the big dam near the marsh neighborhood — got so bad that I destroyed it. A lot of the farmers broke their legs as I deleted floors out from under them. I left not one scrap and disowned the whole bunch, first making sure that I retrieved all their expensive guns.

    Yes, it’s partly my fault for using a wackadoo mod and overbuilding, but when I make sure everyone has proper pathing, navmeshing, etc., I expect things to calm down eventually. If I have to keep responding to false resource readings, I take your settlement back. You don’t mess with the Landlady.

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