4 comments on “Remodeling the Castle

  1. I was telling ILA the other night that it does remind me of scale model crafting — with missing parts, injection errors, and obscure documentation. But man, it’s addictive. I’m experimenting on Starlight Drive-in presently. Did you know that you can glitch a bar/restaurant to make it fit inside the concession stand? It’s fully functional — got a settler in there properly selling food and alcohol. Also, I was able to glitch a cutout of the Nuka Girl so it blends in with a pub sign I found. It just goes on and on.

    Also, one of the mods I’m using has invisible mats that attract settlers to them and cause them to execute odd animations like sweeping and doing push-ups. Truly revolutionary.

  2. Incidentally, as an illustration of how absorbing this stuff can be: I no longer defend settlements in Far Harbor. I can’t be bothered to make the trip. I mean, I’ve given them everything they need, including excessive firepower. If they fail, too bad. I hate that DLC anyway. (Well, I still defend the National Park Visitors’ Center, which I sort of like, but that’s it. Everybody else is on their own.)

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