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  1. I should get you to log onto my Fallout4 install and build me something so its ready by the time I start it.

    Meanwhile in New Vegas I irreversibly committed myself to the NCR/Mr. House/myself and Yes Man last night by turning off Caesar so badly. Well fuck him and his crucifixation on the Dam

    • Sadly, I couldn’t bring my ton of workshop materials into your account. 🙂 Settlement building is really a late-game pursuit. Early on, you don’t have much junk to use, and it’ll take a while to get the related perks. During the early- and mid-games, you should focus on combat improvements. Meanwhile, the game sort of steers you into very basic settlement building as you go around claiming real estate for the Minutemen.

      Pro tips for later:

      1. Every piece of rubbish you find in the game is useful. If your carrying capacity allows, collect every object and dump it in your “base” workshop. For most people, this is the one at Sanctuary Hills.

      2. When you get to the point where you can defend yourself pretty handily, consider whether you can start sparing points to put into Charisma and Intelligence to get crafting perks. Here’s a pretty good list:


      3. Another reason not to get carried away with settlement-building during the early-/mid-game stages is that you want a relatively clean start when you get serious. Until late-game, keep settlements functional but simple. Before you start to improving a settlement, look at everything and plan carefully. I was rather haphazard at first, so I had a bunch of crap all over the place and too many settlers getting in the way.

      4. Charisma is mainly used for settlement building, so you should wait for a while to put points into it. Be aware that your settlement population limit starts at 10 and increases with every point of Charisma. So if you have a Charisma level of 1, you can have 11 settlers, depending on how happy the current residents are.

      5. Settlement happiness is too complicated to go into here. You won’t need to worry about it until later anyway.

      As for Caesar, yeah. NV really encourages you to side with the factions you went with. There’s not much percentage in going with the Legion.

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