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  1. Sounds much more exciting than W3 lately. Right now Geralt is stuck in town performing in plays and chasing down fireroot plants for one of his girlfriends. I suppose I could skip these quests but then I wouldn’t sleep at night……

  2. I’m tempted, but not at $20. I think it might have been $16 on XBL last I looked.

    I never built many settlements and I’ve forgotten where most of them are, anyway.

    I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky again since the update, but they regenerated the whole universe, nerfed everything, and made resource management more complicated while making their UI worse, so…

  3. I feel guilty and rich at the same time when I remember that I should start Witcher 3 (also Deus Ex: Mankind Divided). Then there’s the rest of Shadow Warrior 2.

    I’m sort of surprised by the negative reception of the NMS update. I would have thought Hello Games might actually fix more things and bring the game much closer to their hype.

    In Nuka World, I reclaimed all areas of the park and started converting settlements into raider “outposts.” This is more interesting than I imagined. You can go in shooting or you can try to talk/bribe the settlers into leaving. So far, I’ve been able to scare them off by just talking to them. I have clothing that raises my Charisma to 11, and if that doesn’t work, I have Grape Mentats and Smooth Operator (a +Charisma chem manufactured by Lizzie Wyatt of the Operators — not quite as effective as Grape Mentats but far less addictive).

    At one point, my contact in Nuka World told me that a rival raider gang was heading toward the Slog (my main outpost), intending to run off my raiders. I got there in time to intercept them and had a little chat with their leader. Without firing a shot, I reduced him to a puddle of demoralized jelly.

    Not only is my character the most violent person in the Commonwealth. She can destroy the will of any enemy with just a few words, for she is the Kwisatz Haderach (except she’s a girl).

  4. Footnote: the Operators are relatively mannerly because their leaders, Mags and William Black, come from the upper tiers of Diamond City. If you’ve talked to that social set, you know that they’re wealthier and snootier than the other citizens.

    From what I’ve been able to gather, Mags and William got into trouble back in DC over what the Fallout Wiki describes as “an unspecified incident that led to a young woman’s death, as well as a long list of other illegal activities.” This caused Mags’ mother, Evelyn Black, to disown the siblings. Mags seems to have responded with a threat, and so I assume that the Blacks no longer exchange Christmas cards. This is probably not unusual when you have psychopaths in your family.

  5. Families . . . nyuk nyuk. Yeah.

    Just for variety, I tried taking over Finch Farm with violence. If you do this, some of your raiders are supposed to arrive before you do. You’re supposed to talk to them just outside the settlement and make plans.

    Well, the game neglects to tell you that the settlement will immediately be hostile. The raiders got there a little before I did, but my settlers were on such high alert that a fight immediately broke out, which both I and my raiders pretty quickly lost. This is because the settlement defenses were insanely strong. As soon as I was within range (which was surprisingly far), I got hammered by missiles and high-level turrets. I couldn’t run away because every inch of the settlement was covered. All I could do was watch my health deplete at an extremely rapid pace. Plus, nearly all my settlers were armed with end-game weapons, so my feeble raider gang died almost instantly.

    “For tis the sport to haue the enginer / Hoist with his owne petar.”

    Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4, line 207

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