3 comments on “Pacifist

  1. Very sorry to hear about the suit, mup. Makes me wish I’d won the lottery so I could put those oil can harry’s in their place. I guess there’s not much comfort in the fact that this is happening to many, many people as the five-percenters get the peasant economy they’ve always dreamed of.

  2. I’m doing a second run where I’m shooting everyone in the face. Not only is it much easier, it’s kinda cathartic.

    We’ve paid into this mortgage for 11 years, close to $210,000. Of course, only about $40,000 came off of our balance because of the 7/8 rule or whatever. You know, interest.

    Still, after 11 years of faithful payments with few hiccups, we apparently get about 5 months to get our shit together and get out. I don’t understand how this makes even actuarial sense.

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