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  1. I also really liked it. The current ownership really went out of their way to reassure audiences that 1) its OK if Disney owns it, its still Star Wars, see? and 2) sorry about Episodes 1-3, we got this now.

    I totally disagree with you wrt Driver though. I thought he captured man child whiner needing to project power and dominance to fill his void of self doubt and fear of ever filling in the shoes of his famous parents really really well. He cannot be viewed through the lens of Darth Vader (yet) as he is young and still not fully trained. I really look forward to where this is heading.

  2. “and speaking of Luke: that may be the best ending scene in any movie ever. Is old Luke cool or WHAT?”

    I thought the helicopter shot, never used before in Star Wars, was jarring TBH. I did love the rest of that final scene though.

  3. The helicopter shot made me roll my eyes in the theater.

    I also loved the movie overall, but I think it may be post-prequel relief, have similar reservations about Kylo, too.

    I’m still annoyed at how much of it was unapologetically an Episode IV reboot.

    I agree the new Chewie doesn’t do it for me. I do think my head is better. 😉

  4. Bili: Okay, I’ll accept that Ren is in development. From that angle, he’s more interesting. I’ll admit that when he took off his helmet, I thought, “But he’s just a kid.”

    Bili/mup: I wasn’t even paying attention to the helicopter shot. I was just looking at Mark Hamill’s face. The expression was like “I disappeared for a reason. Don’t drag me back into this. Also, I thought you were the UPS guy with my FreshDirect order. Don’t tell me he got lost again. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get groceries up here?”

    • “Okay, I’ll accept that Ren is in development. From that angle, he’s more interesting. I’ll admit that when he took off his helmet, I thought, “But he’s just a kid.””

      My favourite bit was when he was having his temper tantrum, whacking the console with his light saber, and the two troopers turn the corner, hear what is happening, then quickly nope out.

  5. Rey: “But I’m here to be trained. Look, I brought your light saber.”

    Luke: “How did you find me? Wait, don’t tell me. It was Abrams. I already explained to him I was through with that whole Hollywood hive of scum and villainy.”

    Rey: “Oh please. We’ve given the First Order a decisive blow, but the Resistance has a long way to go. The Jedi must return. Help us, Master Luke. You’re our only hope.”

    Luke: “The First What? The Resistance? What kind of cockamamie names are those? Who won the last thing? Never mind. Listen, tell Abrams to get off my island. I know I’m not as big as Ford, but I still have my dignity.”

    Rey: “You don’t understand. I think the Force is strong in me . . . myself. Is it me or myself? I’m so not ready. You could teach me usage.”

    Luke: “I’ll bet Ford got $30 million and a percentage of the net.”

    Rey: “I heard it was even better than that. Plus, he insisted that they kill him off.”

    Luke: “You should leave. I’m going to throw up.”

    Rey: “But we need your help. I know a lot of Jedi stuff. I can already do the mind trick and telekinesis. Oh guess what: I also defeated a powerful kinda sorta Sith guy in a sword fight because the Force is strong in me and I used my feelings and I’m the One Foretold or something. But you can teach me how to be all deep and wise and stuff.”

    Luke: “I don’t know. Have you had your hand cut off yet?”

    Rey: “What? No! God . . . that’s disgusting.”

    Luke: “I can’t help you until you get your hand cut off. Also, you should bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.”

    Rey: “Oh come on. You’ve got to train me. Please! Please please please please . . . ”

    Luke: “Is Yoda still alive? You should seek him out. I think I hear him calling to you. Yes. You can just hear him: ‘To me the girl must be sent. On the planet with sponge creatures I dwell.'”

    Rey: “Please please please please . . .”

    Luke: “All right. Shut up. Geez. Come with me.”

    Rey: “Where are we going?”

    Luke: “To a cave. You need to have a sort of Native American vision where you fight a terrible villain wearing a helmet.”

    Rey: “I already did that.”

    Luke: “When you saw his face, was it your own?”

    Rey: “No, it was a guy with ’80s hair.”

    Luke: “Not the same thing. Also, we have to get that hand cut off.”

    Rey: “Ewww. . . ”

    Luke: “Just be glad you’re not Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Volume 2.”

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