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  1. Well, sincere best wishes for a favorable outcome. You’re a very talented chap, so if anyone can make this work, you can. I wish you all happiness, improved health, and great success. Please provide updates so I won’t be wondering whatever happened to that muppet guy.

  2. This sucks, a lot!
    Being the same age as you, I’ve been working for the same IT outsourcing corporation for 7 years now, and I’m getting older while new young people keep coming in and soon I will feel out of place. Wait, no, I’ve always felt out of place there.
    Anyway, I’m too lazy to leave, just staying there and doing my own stuff on the side. I don’t see myself entering the job market again if I quit/get fired.
    But muppet, changes are good (although I prefer stability), this has to turn out good for you.
    Sad news about selling the house, I remember how happy you were when you moved in – this is the one built by your father, do I remember this right?

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yes Brite this is the house that my father built, but I have to admit that we haven’t fixed it up much. I’m not a very good handyman and handymen for hire are very expensive. All of the vacations we’ve taken in the last ten years wouldn’t cover it. Connecticut is just too expensive. The South is cheaper, but frightening. Not sure what we’ll do yet.

    Where I work, and all over CT, it’s not just young guys, it’s young Indian guys on H1-Bs. Their Visas are their ticket to getting over here and I don’t begrudge them at all even though their Visas are technically issued illegally. They’ll work twice my hours for half my pay and they don’t care if the management is incompetent because culturally, they respect a hierarchy (or that’s been my experience.) Those of us with experience who push back on bad practice or mismanagement now stand out very quickly, in a very bad way.

    It got to the point where I was having seizures (again) from the anxiety. My situation was a little different in that they were only giving me about 3 hours’ worth of work to do in a week, but then calling me into the Director’s office to tell me that my visible downtime (people seeing me on Facebook, etc at my desk) was a huge problem and I needed to sign some forms promising not to do it anymore. I quit.

    KickStarters overall (regardless of the type of project) tend to hit 44% of the time. I don’t know what the figure is for just games, but that statistic makes me feel hopeful because more than half of KickStarter campaigns are just bad, so if I just make mine not overtly suck…

    We’ll see. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure I’d call it depression. More like a constant state of quiet panic. I actually feel about a thousand times better not being in the office and not being beholden to it. But like I said, when the bills come in.

    I forget who said something to the effect that being well adjusted to a sick and broken society is no indicator of mental wellness… 😉

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