7 comments on “Fallout 4 DLC Announced

  1. I am completely underwhelmed by all of these. The robot thing might be interesting.

    Gladatorial combat should already have existed in the Combat Zone. Making your settlers fight deathclaws? What kind of sick fuck would do that? Seems to break canon at least.

    I heard that they’re going to create a huge new landmass in the game representing Maine. Well I guess that’s easy to do if all you populate it with are stupid fucking fetch and kill quests. 😛

  2. DLC is just stupid. Just make an expansion and be done with it. STOP nickle and dimeing me, I’m not paying $4.99 for some stupid novelty thing they left out of the game at release.

    Just release an expansion with some content worthy of a $29.99 price tag and I would buy it. Its not that hard of a concept.

  3. But . . . but . . . they’re going to add more optimization features (I think this means fixes) for free! In an era when other developers charge you for fixing their broken games . . . oh wait, they don’t do that. Well, this is still super uber exciting.

    They say they intend to change Survival mode to something more FO-traditional, meaning you’ll need to eat and drink and do other things. Wasn’t Brite wanting this? Muppet should be happy since he likes to drag his ass around with broken guns, missing limbs, hemorrhaging eyeballs, etc.

  4. I did enjoy the Survival Mode in F:NV because it added to the roleplay experience. In FO4, there IS NO ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE, so it’d basically be Annoyance Simulator With Hollow Non-Dialogue.

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