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  1. Yes, I was hoping that the Glowing Sea would be more interesting. What a great opportunity for secret events, NPCs, whole towns, etc. Maybe they’ll do something with it in a DLC. Hopefully, it won’t involve the Children of Atom, who are the most boring crowd of idiots Bethesda ever put in a game.

    Still, I’m a little attracted to that area. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the legendary population seems higher there. Maybe I’ll be able to loot the elusive Reason sniper rifle, which does double damage if the target is at full health.


    I already have Old Faithful, a unique laser pistol with this property. I’ve modded it into a rifle, but I can’t put a suppressor on it. With maxed Mister Sandman, my damage with ballistic silenced weapons is 6.3x. Imagine what would happen if a sniper rifle had twice this much. The gauss rifle would have to go home.

    Speaking of deathclaws and the gauss rifle, I finally saw a mythic across the street from Fannhuil Hall the other day. He was way up in the air, clinging to the roof edge of a building, as if he’d accidentally fallen off. I hit him with my gauss rifle and almost killed him with one shot, but he scrambled to the roof and I lost him. Otherwise, deathclaws are still fairly elusive for me. Not that it makes much difference unless they’re legendaries. I guess if you’re a fan of deathclaw steaks, they’re valuable. I don’t have much use for them.

    I see behemoths all the time. There’s one in Lexington that respawns regularly. He’s always down the street when I go to the Super Duper Mart. He also always attacks the Corvega plant when I go there. I see them elsewhere sometimes but don’t pay them much attention. They always go down with one shot, and even if they didn’t, their attacks are kind of piffly.

    To me, the most dangerous critters are bugs, especially stingwings and blood bugs. They’re the only things I dread when I’m in the Glowing Sea.

    Congrats on the X-01 finds. X-01 is certainly nice, but T60 can be super powerful if modded to the F configuration and fitted with the better doodads. I have about a million power armor sets now, but I leave them in Sanctuary most of the time because I don’t like to waste too much junk on repairing them.

  2. BTW, the double-damage at full health thing is super valuable for sniping, but the best weapon I’ve come across is a 2-shot 10mm pistol. Modded with a suppressor, this gun kills anything. It’s my default ghoul gun because it’s funny to watch legendary and glowing ghouls explode in a great shower of giblets. Lesser types, trying to be scary when they rise from the ground or crawl out of holes, get murdered before these animations complete.

  3. Oh, had to put this in:

    I am now seeing “charred” ghouls. I don’t know when these things start showing up — they’re level 62 but I didn’t see them until I got to 80 or so. Anyhow, they’re a whole different class of ghoul. They have about 800 hitpoints and the “charring” gives them very effective armor. A crowd of them can be a fairly serious threat.

  4. I switched out my modded 10mm which was beginning to feel like a pea shooter for a suppressed version which looks totally different. You can’t put a reflex scope on this one, only glowing sights… so it appears there’s more than one model of 10mm pistol in this game?

    Anyway, I get about 40 shots in VATS with this thing, but it’s painfully slow to take anything down excepting Raiders and Ghouls. I use it as my default gun for “junk” mobs.

    I also fear Stingwings and other bugs. They’re absurdly difficult to hit with anything but VATS, even using scatter guns and such.

    • That sounds like the Deliverer, a unique 10mm with the VATS enhancement you describe. I assume you got it from Deacon for doing an early Railroad quest. Excellent little pistol.

  5. Ah, the Glowing Sea.
    Like I mentioned before, I don’t like to use fast travel, so far I marched to and from Vincent’s hideout three times and now I hear I need to come back in a couple of days to see the effect of my last visit.
    Bethesda are a bunch of trolls.

  6. LOL

    I’ve given in to Fast Traveling. I use it not as frequently as most, but I do use it. FO4 has made it mandatory. I can’t say I’m happy about it, as walking everywhere and finding new things in FO3 was one of the greatest joys in the game to me.

    But what can you expect with the project lead saying things like “long dialog that you can’t walk away from is like torture so that’s why we dumbed it all down”..?

  7. I should not be allowed to play this game. Today I thought I’ll make some progress with a bunch of quests, but i got distracted and forgot where i wanted to go and i ended up building hosting in one of the settlements and it’s 3 am now. This is how all my FO4 nights look. I need an agenda.

  8. After finishing the main quest, I started roaming at large, exploring and seeing what kinds of violent episodes I could take part in. I’m still doing radiant quests, but they’re not a priority.

    I began to feel a sense of aimless ennui. What was life all about without my son? Oh, that’s right. I blew up my son and never cared about him in the first place. Okay then, what was life about with no important faction missions? I could visit the Museum of Witchcraft in Salem, but the prospect of being locked in a room with an Alpha Supreme Platinum Mythic Albino Deathclaw or whatever didn’t appeal to me.

    Then I hit upon the idea of becoming an itinerate landlady. I would start a circuit and check in on my settlements. This would be my new adventuring life — something like a country doctor, except that I would be more like a combination roaming frontier marshal and lady of the manor. Try to picture Lady Catherine de Bourgh of Pride and Prejudice going around dispensing largesse to raggedy tenants in the Wasteland, meanwhile shooting raiders and super mutants in the face.

    This turned out to be pretty great. How can I describe the amazing improvements I’m making to my settlements? I can’t. Words cannot capture my tenants’ new quality of life or their sense of well-being when they know I’m planting new carrots or defending their villages.

    Now I have purpose — to bring justice and prosperity to the little people. How dear they’ve become to me.

  9. Oh, I should mention that I was messing around in Quincy last night and saw some vertibirds hovering around a large barn-like structure. Before blowing up, the vertibird managed to offload several Brotherhood of Steel knights, who started engaging the barn occupants, who turned out to be high-level super mutants. Ever ready to help my comrades, I lurked around and hid while the mutants pasted the BoS.

    But both sides were interrupted by a crowd of Gunners from the nearby overpass. I guess they didn’t appreciate the noise.

    These Gunners were nasty customers. I would guess they were the highest-level enemies I’ve seen. One or two even out-leveled me.

    Well, the whole thing degenerated into a giant mess. Eventually, the mutants wiped out the BoS guys. Then, with my help, they massacred the Gunners. Finally, I finished off the mutants — all warlords, primuses, etc.

    As I was looting, I noticed the bodies of the BoS knights. I expected to find the usual 1-2 usable pieces of power armor, but I counted four complete sets of T60-b. Good heavens, what a find.

    Of course, I couldn’t carry even one without a power armor frame. Upon meeting the Atom Cats, I noticed that Rowdy (one of the “birds”) had a frame for sale, but as I was a new member, it was overpriced — something like 4600 caps. I debated the pros and cons and decided not to go for it. I remembered that I already had 88 sets of power armor and realized that I would be spending nearly 5000 caps just to be able to haul one or two more sets back to Sanctuary and park them.

    I still hated to pass them up. They’re probably gone now.

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