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  1. I only went to the Prydwen once and I ran away quickly and don’t feel the need to return. Danse has been my companion for a long time now, but he doesn’t care, he loves me (liking single each time I’m entering the power armor is silly).
    I wish he would do something when we watch from a distance those kamikaze runs by BoS at raiders or muties, at least cheer or something, no, he just stares at me like a holy picture. Even Dogmeat wasn’t so devoted.

  2. I just had one of the coolest battles so far, with the gunners in Quincy ruins. I didn’t want to engage earlier since i spotted the named NPCs there thinking they were related to a quest, but as I was quietly passing the place, Carla, her caravan and my provisioner decided to go right through it, so I rushed to help. Nice shootout, great location. When i saw a power generator there i got excited that this could be a settlement and spent like one fusion core searching for a workshop. Why the hell arent many great locations available as settlements? Why are we supposed to build our future on marshes or railroad tracks, in the open in the wasteland when there are perfect urban locations there just waiting for some revitalisation?

  3. There’s a LOT of disappointing locations in FO4. Areas that are all built up to be at the very least, a cool, working settlement to go interact with some NPCs… but nope. None of that.

    F:NV got this right: believable NPC areas aside from towns where you could go and engage in various activities. FO3 did to a point.

    FO4 is pretty simplistic. New game mechanics are nice and all, but they totally gutted the dialog and quest complexity which has always been the entire point of a Fallout game.

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