2 comments on “Helpful rundown of top 2.4.2 PTR builds

  1. Very useful information. However, I did try to make a new seasonal character last night. But I just couldn’t get into it. I sat and stared at the character creation screen for a long time and just didn’t see anything I wanted to play.

    I’m all Monked out. Barbarian I played last season. I remembered Crusader is completely boring until at least level 60. I don’t even want to try a Wizard as it will never live up to even your mule Wizard. I thought about Witch Doctor but I kind of like the one I have already.

    I wound up making a Demon Hunter but I played him for about 30 seconds before deciding to logout.

  2. I hate to say it, but I think D3 is dead, Jim. I was hoping for something more interesting in this patch, but it’s just a reheated 2.4.1. I cannot understand why they don’t just make stash tabs available as microtransactions, as in the Chinese version, but they’re dead set against this. Instead you have to jump through hoops that are very difficult for casual players who don’t have reliable nightly groups.

    To me, the wizard is the most interesting toon to play, but mine has everything she wants, so there’s nothing left except seasonal acquisitions like stash tabs and cosmetic silliness. Such a shame they won’t properly support this game.

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